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The City of Kermit Public Works department will be conducting a city-wide Front Curb Pickup Program at no additional charge to customers. 

All citizens can place bulky household items on the front curb and call City Hall when ready for pickup:

Items that will be picked up:

Bagged Grass Clippings (Heavy Duty Bags)

Furniture and Bulky Household Items (sinks, mattresses, hot water heaters, appliances, etc.)

Tree Limbs (must be cut into manageable sizes for 2 people to handle and no longer than 4 feet).

Carpet (must be cut in strips no more than 4 feet, tightly rolled and tied).

Construction material such as drywall and lumber (less than 4 feet in length, but no more than approximately 50lbs of material).

Passenger Vehicle Tires

For any questions about the Front Curb Pickup Program please call City Hall at: (432-586-3468 or log on to: Re-Klaim Kermit!